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GK Online is Back by popular Demand!


Gippie’s Kingdom Online is back! It starts this Thursday, March 13th at 9:30pm and Sundays at 10:00pm. Click here.


Announcement: The First Bahamian Soap Opera is now on DVD!

The First Bahamian Soap Opera is now on DVD!

Gippie’s Kingdom Season One is here! Limited copies available so get yours today!


Making the Music of Gippie’s Kingdom: Season One

Gippie’s Kingdom is not only made in the Bahamas but it is made by Bahamians. The sacrifice, teamwork and commitment to the project is a big part of what makes this series something every Bahamian can be proud of. Today, we spotlight those who gave Gippie’s Kingdom it’s special sound . Thank you Christin ‘Spirit’ Taylor, Brent ‘Justice’ Darville and Julian Reid for making the music of Gippie’s Kingdom.

Stars shine bright at the Gippie’s Kingdom: Season 2 premiere event! (Photos by Shawn Hanna)


The Gippie’s Kingdom II Red Carpet Premiere (Photos by Shawn Hanna)

Production Co-ordinator Erin Knowles talks to ZNS during their live broadcast of the event

Sneak Peek of Gippie’s Kingdom: Season 2 at Government House


Gippie’s Kingdom: Season 2 opens in grand style at Government House

Shawn Hanna gives us a taste of some of the stars at the Gippie’s Kingdom: Season 2 premiere event.

Gippie’s Kingdom: Season Two (Official Trailer Release)


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