BTC becomes the first major sponsor of Gippie’s Kingdom!

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   BTC continues its ongoing support of Bahamian culture and entertainment by sponsoring the country’s first evening TV soap opera “Gippie’s Kingdom.” The $10,000 sponsorship of the upcoming TV program was announced at a press conference at BTC’s headquarters today.

Written and directed by Dr. Ian Strachan and co-produced by Travon Patton, “Gippie’s Kingdom” is an eight-part series which tells the story of three generations of the Gibson family. The soap opera features more than 30 actors and creatively probes social issues currently facing Bahamian society such as crime, domestic violence, Haitian-Bahamian conflict and marital affairs. Taking its audience from the “classroom to the courtroom,” Gippie’s Kingdom promises to be a roller coaster ride of raw emotions.

“It makes perfect sense for one of the top providers of communication and entertainment products in The Bahamas to also endorse innovative Bahamian content,” said Marlon Johnson, Vice President, Brand & Communications. “The recent success of our Starmaker casting calls confirms that there are some talented entertainers throughout the country seeking avenues such as ‘Gippie’s Kingdom’ and we’re excited to partner with Dr. Strachan and his cast.”

“BTC is truly leading the way in terms of private sector support of the Bahamian community through the things that really matter to us,” said Dr. Ian Strachan writer, director and co-producer of Gippie’s Kingdom. “BTC isn’t waiting for us to succeed before they decide to support us and that is commendable. This is the way you build loyalty and create a better society.”

At the core of all of the melodrama is the show’s main character — a middle-aged widower named Everett Harrison Gibson (Gippie) played by Chigoze Ijeoma. Gippie finds himself in the middle of a storm that engulfs his children: his eldest son Junior is in a coma, his eldest daughter Monique has returned home because her marriage is in serious trouble, his youngest daughter Everena is dating a known drug dealer and his illegitimate son Evan, normally a model student, has begun to act out at school in violent ways.

While even the actors are unsure as to how the show will end, writing for season two is already underway and filming will begin as early as this summer. Gippie’s Kingdom is set to debut mid-June on ZNS-TV with a show-time slot of Wednesdays at 8:30pm.

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