Chiquita Culmer

My name is Chiquita Culmer. I am twenty-one years of age. A Bio/Chem Major at the College of the Bahamas in pursuit of becoming a Clinical Laboratory Technologist.   I enjoy reading, assisting with CPR and First-Aid Sessions, planning events for my Pathfinder Club at my local church, and going out with my friends. I would describe myself as an interesting, dramatic, and very out-going person. This is probably one of the reasons why I love auditioning for plays wherever the opportunity presents itself.  Acting has always been a talent of mine along with singing. Most productions I’ve been in were for church but other productions like “Pa and the Preacher- (Fall 2010)” have been an enjoyable experience, even the present T.V series, “Gippies Kingdom.” As I continue striving for success, I hope to continue using my talents to be a part of great opportunities.