Diana Armbrister

Diana Ashley Armbrister was born on the 30th of September, 1988 . From a child Diana displayed an interest in drama and singing . Diana participated in a lot of events and shows through Culture Club and Unicorn Village under the direction of Lisa Mcartney . Her performances included singing at the Raddison and Rainforest Theatre and having lead roles in a  numerous plays. Diana also developed a passion for helping others and enrolled in the Nursing Programme at age 18 and is currently an Nursing Intern at the Princess Maragret Hospital.

In May 2011 Diana had the privilege of playing the role of a Bank Manager in the play “The Recovery” which starred various talented actors and actresses under the direction of Adrian Wildgoose.  Having the privilege to be apart of such a successful play Diana continues to act in plays and recently became the director and writer of a play entiled “Celebrating our Faith and Embracing our Future” which won the top prize at the Salvation Army 80th Anniversary Celebrations. Diana is an active member of her church at the Salvation Army and recently formed a group along with her Sister Alicia Bradshaw titled “The Redeemed.”  Diana is a very talented actress and will continue to pursue her dream of becoming apart of more films and  projects to come .