Phillipa Moss

Phillipa Moss was born in Nassau Bahamas and raised in the Anglo Catholic faith.  She is a graduate of Aquinas College High School, famously known for the Garfunkel Auditorium. At Aquinas, she participated in many cultural activities, most notably the musical “West Side Story.” She continued her studies at a variety of tertiary and vocational institutions which include Success Training College, Florida College of Natural Health, BTVI and Sojourner Douglass College.  Although she successfully obtained an AA in Physical Therapy, a Myofacial Release Certificate, and a BA in Management Information Systems, she always had an interest in the Performing Arts.

Phillipa is an advocate for change.  She is a member of Love & Charity Lodge and a member of The New Providence Branch Toastmaster Club 3596. Her leisure pursuits also include traveling, sporting activities and sewing.  Her favorite quote is “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” – Gimli – Lord of the Rings.

She is the only daughter of Angela & Franklyn Moss.  She continues to look forward to new and exciting opportunities.