Thomas Robinson

My name is Thomas D.D. Robinson. My birth date is 26th July, 1978. I started acting at a very young age at C.W Sawyer Primary School in seasonal plays: Christmas, Easter etc.  In 1992 I became president of the Drama Club at The Government High School and held that post until I graduated in 1995.
My professional acting career began in 2007 when I played the part of a lawyer in a stage play written by Mr. Hugh Rahming called Relationships. I had a small part with Trinity Broadcasting Network in a biography of a lady that abused drugs and got over it; I was the a drug dealer in the film. I also had a leading role in a film called FRESH, written and directed by Clarence Rolle and Craig Lenahan. ( I played the bad guy of the film). I did a commercial for A Stones Throw Away Hotel with No Budget Productions! ( I played the part of a romantic guy that wanted to impress his lady).  In 2011 I was blessed with the opportunity to act as a Detective in the new hit Bahamian TV series “Gippie’s Kingdom” written by Dr. Ian Strachan and filmed by Travon Patton.  I love GOD, reading, bodybuilding, acting and swimming. I have had the opportunity to act as a lawyer, a bad guy, a drug dealer, a lover and a detective. Therefore, I am quite sure that I am ready and eager to master any other roles that come before me!