Meet the Crew of Gippie’s Kingdom

Dr. Ian G. Strachan – Writer/ Director

DR. IAN GREGORY STRACHAN has been actively involved in the dramatic arts in The Bahamas for over 20 years. He is Associate Professor of English at The College of The Bahamas. He is a poet, playwright, novelist and filmmaker. He served as Chair of the School of English Studies at COB from 2004-2007. His book, Paradise and Plantation: Tourism and Culture in the Anglophone Caribbean, was published in 2002 and discusses the politics of tourism in the region. His first novel, God’s Angry Babies was published in 1997. He has written and directed a number of plays that have been performed nationally and internationally, including No Seeds in Babylon (1991), which appears in the anthology Contemporary Drama for the Caribbean (2001) and Diary of Souls (1999). In 1996 he founded the Track Road Theatre Foundation and served as its Director until 2006. He has directed and produced such plays as Charles Huggins’ “The Hold Up” (2001) Emille Hunt’s “Da Market Fire” (2003) and Ward Minnis’ “The Cabinet” (2011). In 2007 his poetry was included in the anthology New Caribbean Poetry (Carcanet 2007). He wrote and directed his first film, Show Me Your Motion: The Ringplay Games of The Bahamas in 2006. In 2007 this documentary was featured in the UNESCO Caribbean Traveling Film Showcase. He is the author of the popular newspaper column “East Street Blues” which has appeared each week in The Nassau Guardian since 2006 and was the host of the daily public affairs talk show, “The Nation Today” in 2009.

Travon Patton – Director of Photography/ Editor

TRAVON PATTON has been involved in the field of videography and filmworks for over 5 years but has been actively involved in producing acting and drama productions from the age of 16 as President of the Young Actors Guild (YAG). He is the founder of the 12:01 Studios Media Group and is also presently the Lead Producer at Fam Entertainment, headed by William ‘Mark’ Cartwright. Patton is known for his feature documentary, May 3rd (2008) that premiered at the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), Redial Sunshine (2010), a short film that premiered at BIFF and Break (2009), a short film that premiered at The National Centre for the Performing Arts, aimed at bring awareness to the Bahamian community regarding youth, violence and poor decisions. In addition, he is also responsible for producing over 60+ hours of programming ranging from music videos such as Marlin Award Nominated Pray for You by Bahamian Gospel Sensation, Najie Dun, and I Choose You by Jamaica’s Kristine Alicia, television shows such as Wordup Tv, Concerts such as the Marlin Award Nominated Najie Dun Album Release and Famfest, popular internet sensations such as “T.A.P’s VLOGS”, public service ads, documentaries and short films.

Toni Francis – Asst. Director

DR. TONI FRANCIS is not only the Assistant Director for Gippie’s Kingdom Season One but is also an Assistant Professor of English at the College of The Bahamas. Her primary areas of scholarship are critical theory, rhetorical theory, and TransAtlantic studies, with postcolonial analyses of texts ranging from the Early Modern period to contemporary Caribbean and African-American literature and critique. At COB, she teaches courses in genre studies (the novel), literary theory, modern and early modern drama, and composition, thereby infusing the Gippie’s Kingdom directing team with an abundance of dramatic arts know-how and a keen attention to detail on the production set.

Erin Knowles – Production Manager

ERIN KNOWLES is the organizational epicentre of the Gippie’s Kingdom team. This born and raised Androsian is an astute Education Major at The College of The Bahamas, studying Education, English Language and Literature and a minor in Bahamian and Caribbean Literature. In a short period of time, Erin has dramatically improved her resume as a “have to have” production lead by simplifying logistics on numerous productions including “Horn of Plenty ft Indio” (SIP 2010) as Assistant Director, “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (SIP 2010) as Stage Assistant, and “The Cabinet” (2011) as Sound/Stage Manager/Stage Hand/Assistant Director/Co-Director. Hence, it is no surprise that this production dynamo would choose Gippie’s Kingdom as her next challenge, flexing her talents in a completely different realm as she enters the world of television.

Christin ‘Spirit’ Taylor – Sound Engineer at Spirit Soundz

CHRISTIN TAYLOR is the mastermind behind the post-production soundworks of “Gippie’s Kingdom”. As an accomplished fam studios producer behind the hits of artists such as Sammie Star(I’ll Never Leave), Irate, Bain Town Boyz, Bahama Boyz, Deezy, Najie Dun, Christian Massive, just to name a few, Christin ‘Spirit’ Taylor is undoubtably one of the best at what he does. Furthermore, as a sound and lighting engineer with Maecal Electronics, Spirit worked with international acts such as Beenie Man, T.O.K (Night of Love), Vashawn Mitchell and Canton Jones (Famfest), Wakka Flocka (Brick Squad Movement). His talents for film and foley production first emerged in the Bahamas International Film Festival nominated short-film, “Redial Sunshine”. However as the “Gippie’s Kingdom: Season One” premiere nears, just hearing an immensely exciting mix of ethereal harmonies injected with powerful brass solos and junkanoo drumbeats provides no doubt as to why Christin ‘Spirit’ Taylor is truly the spirit behind Gippie’s Kingdom.

Ken Nguyen – Photographer at Yu Nguyen Photography

SkyHigh Designs and Yu Nyugen Photography are the creative brain-child of KEN NGUYEN, the outrageous photogenius with a flare for dynamic color ranges, precision graphical presentations, and a robustly vivid, conceptual photography that often leaves expectations floored by his ‘sky-high’ perspective. Ken Nyugen is multitalented in all aspects of his craft, from industrial work with Statoil and Forsythe’s Communications, event related work with companies such as Atlantis and Famfest, while enthralling countless modeling clients and international audiences alike. Therefore, it is an honor for Ken Nguyen to provide his incredible talents to the Gippie’s Kingdom brand, infusing a world-class presentation into what will be a world-class drama series.

Reyernaldo Delva – Motion Graphics Specialist  3rD MoOon Pictures

3rD MoOoN Pictures is breaking the bonds of conventional thinking in the world of Videography. Headed by Reyernaldo Delva, 3rD MoOon is well on its way to being a leading regional motion graphics entity, adapting its services to music videos, film production, commercial advertising and event coordination. Delva’s specialization in idea development, branding and high-end production for television has advanced with every project since 3rD MoOon’s inception. Gippie’s Kingdom just happens to be the challenge that this company seeks to push boundaries even further in the field of Motion Graphics Design.