Scotiabank Backs Bahamian TV Soap!

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    Scotiabank has joined ZNS, BTC, Superwash and Super Club Breezes as a sponsor of the groundbreaking TV series. “I believe this is a first of its kind in The Bahamas and that’s important for us,” said Scotia’s Senior Manager of Marketing and Public Relations, Leah Davis. “This partnership is just another demonstration of our commitment to the community. At Scotiabank we see giving back to the community to be a part of who we are. It’s not just something that we talk about it’s something that we live and breath every day. Usually most of our corporate giving comes under the umbrella of Our Bright Future Program. Through the program we give back in the areas of youth development, education, arts and culture. We see a fit with Gippie’s Kingdom because it takes on some of the issues plaguing the country and offers a new perspective.”

    Dr. Strachan is well known for his political and social commentary as well as for his plays. “Writers want the widest possible audience for their work,” says Strachan. “Through the medium of television I no longer have to persuade you to get dressed, and put down 20 or 25 dollars to come and see my play or to buy my book. My work is coming to you, and all you need to do is press a button to enjoy it. I’m very thankful that this project has gone so well, and thankful for the level of support we are receiving from corporate Bahamas.”

   This 8 part series tells the story of three generations of the Gibson family.  Life experiences and social issues, common to all Bahamians, are explored in each episode: sweethearting and “illegitimate children,” juvenile delinquency, crime and justice, domestic violence, Haitian Bahamian conflict, and most of all, the power of love. This soap opera takes us to the classroom, the bedroom, the living room and the courtroom.  We hear the wisdom of the pulpit and the wisdom of the domino table.  And right at the centre of it all is a middle age widower who is having the most challenging weeks and months of his life: Everett Harrison Gibson, Gippie.

    Gippie’s Kingdom is co-produced by Strachan and Travon Patton of 12:01 Studios. The series premieres on June 13th, 2012 at 8.30pm on ZNS TV13 and will rebroadcast every Sunday evening at 10pm. Those who would like to learn more about the soap can visit or