Superwash partners with Gippie’s Kingdom!

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    The self-service laundromat giant, Superwash, is now a major sponsor of the newest Bahamian TV drama, Gippie’s Kingdom. Mr. Dionisio D’Aguilar, President of Superwash Laundromats, personally expressed his support for the first Bahamian soap opera and is looking forward to “something new on [Bahamian] stations”. Director Ian Strachan thanked Superwash for giving the project “a vote of confidence”. Strachan also praised Mr. D’Aguilar as a visionary, citing that Gippie’s Kingdom was looking for a company that would take advantage of partnering with a Bahamian soap opera that was coming into everyone’s living-room this summer.


    Gippie’s Kingdom, slated to run every Wednesday and Sunday night on ZNS TV13, hopes not only to entertain Bahamian audiences for multiple seasons but to catalyzes what can potentially become a dynamic and culturally rich television industry in the Bahamas. Director Ian Strachan and Co-Producer Travon Patton believe that the Bahamas has consistently imported television content from the world for many years. It is about time that the world can finally import television content consistently from the Bahamas.